A Golden opportunity for business minded and career oriented students in the UK! At Trinity Saint David we offer you the best experience of business learning at a competitive fees. Our MBA programmes are designed to enhance the communication skills, creative thinking and analytical skills in a student enabling them to meet the needs of prospective employers. At IEC we also give training for IELTS exam.

About Us

This is a humble attempt by the director (Jobi Jacob Pullokaran) for achieving the true meaning of education and business. He is a versatile personality with wide range of experience in management, education, philosophy and world religions. Jobi Jacob is a naturalized British Citizen (UK) with 12 years of education and work experience in Britain and has widely traveled around the world. The director's own experience and learning along with an in-depth understanding of world cultures enabled him to open an educational consultancy in view of widening the perspectives of fellow humans. IEC attempts to give a different experience and understanding to all that comes to us. Our teaching faculty and consultants are well experienced and highly educated. At IEC we attempt to give the best possible experience in English Learning along with a person oriented (not purely profit oriented) consultation to individual students for higher education. Currently we are recruiting students for Master of Business Administration (MBA) only. However, soon we start recruiting students for other undergraduate (Bachelor degrees) and Graduate (Master degrees) to different universities around the globe!